Sankofa Salons on May 25th

Join us from 2:30-3:30pm on May 25th 2013 for a salon about our Leimert Phone Company! See below for the description (and retweet!). Our project will be featured at the Vision Theatre as one of the Sankofa Salons to “highlight the essence of Leimert’s creative fortitude.” See also the announcement flyer and slides, the detailed detailed agenda (in PDF format),and the organizers’ Facebook event page.

sankoffa2Salon Description: What if the vestigial phone stand in front of Kaos Network became a hotspot for screens to project movies or to collectively access cultural inspirations from around the world? What if it was transformed into a communal phone charger? In partnership with the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab, Kaos Network is developing the Leimert Park Phone Company to explore the possibilities of converting vestigial phone stands into community empowerment tools that can drive cultural connectivity around the world.

The salons are part of a larger tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the Organization of the African Union and in association with the ongoing Leimert Park Art Walk which takes place the following day.

The salons are an initiative of the African Diaspora Creative Industries (ADCI), which is “designed to promote creative industry business exchange and shared cultural experiences throughout the African Diaspora.”