Author: Benjamin Stokes

Renting phonebooths for movies and public space theater

Can the theater of public space learn from Hollywood rentals? Do we need props for neighborhood planning? Two weeks ago, we discovered that for a mere $50 you can rent a phonebooth. Los Angeles is a great place for such

Future of the World Stage (short video)

To design from the culture up, we must listen. How do the past and future meet? For open innovation, we make our interviews public to give everyone access to the issues we are working to address. Here is a short

Fall design teaser

Here is a quick preview of some art and construction of a design we are working on this fall: (Click to zoom. Image courtesy of Rudy Rude.)

Video: Our Idea Travels to Detroit

We just released a video about our summer trip to Detroit. The idea was to start planting some seeds nationwide, in part through our workshop at the Allied Media Conference. Check it out: Thanks to Leila and Karl for making

Join us for National Day of Civic Hacking in Leimert

In celebration of President Obama’s National Day of Civic Hacking on June 2nd, here in Leimert Park we are hosting “We Can Fix It — an Urban Tech Block Party.” For details, see our description from the national website: In

Crowdfunding as neighborhood storytelling

(This article is cross-published as part of a series on civic crowdfunding with the Civic Paths research group.) Raising money is one objective for crowdfunding, but not the only one. Every crowdfunding attempt also performs a story. How does crowdfunding

Sankofa Salons on May 25th

Join us from 2:30-3:30pm on May 25th 2013 for a salon about our Leimert Phone Company! See below for the description (and retweet!). Our project will be featured at the Vision Theatre as one of the Sankofa Salons to “highlight the essence of

Power and Protel (week of April 15)

Communicatinng with the payphones: We are installing the very old software used by the phone company to program these phones (see our wiki on Protel via Expressnet). We had to find an old PC with a 3.5″ floppy drive, running

Presenting at Allied Media Conference (Detroit, June 2013)

We are excited to have a panel accepted for the 2013 Allied Media Conference. We’re on Saturday June 22nd from 11am-12:30pm. More details will be added to this page soon. For now, here’s our official panel description: Title: Phone Booths

Metal and Woodwork — for enclosure stands

Today we stabilized the payphone enclosures, experimenting with metal and wood. Our guide was Shane Reilly from Reilly Works. Janet works on an old base, preparing for welding: Francois can’t resist either: Here is a plywood base — just with