Month: April 2013

What’s that bird on the logo?

People say they love our logo, but ask: “what is the story behind it?”. The Leimert Phone Company logo is a mashup of three elements, each of which played an important part in our project     The basic graphic

Power and Protel (week of April 15)

Communicatinng with the payphones: We are installing the very old software used by the phone company to program these phones (see our wiki on Protel via Expressnet). We had to find an old PC with a 3.5″ floppy drive, running

Presenting at Allied Media Conference (Detroit, June 2013)

We are excited to have a panel accepted for the 2013 Allied Media Conference. We’re on Saturday June 22nd from 11am-12:30pm. More details will be added to this page soon. For now, here’s our official panel description: Title: Phone Booths

Metal and Woodwork — for enclosure stands

Today we stabilized the payphone enclosures, experimenting with metal and wood. Our guide was Shane Reilly from Reilly Works. Janet works on an old base, preparing for welding: Francois can’t resist either: Here is a plywood base — just with

Week 5 — Final Presentation


Week 4 — Concept Videos!

“Dial-A-Track” Group (Details on group wiki) “Transmedia Storytelling” Group¬†(Details on group wiki¬†) “smART Phone” Group (Details on group wiki)