Author: Karl Baumann

Week 5 — Final Presentation


Week 4 — Concept Videos!

“Dial-A-Track” Group (Details on group wiki) “Transmedia Storytelling” Group¬†(Details on group wiki¬†) “smART Phone” Group (Details on group wiki)  

Week 3 — Payphone Hack-a-thon

Andrew figured out how to use the raspberry pi to play videos in the phones! More highlights of the event.    

Week 3 — Payphone Freestyle

Bananas came out to the payphone to get some extra inspiration.

Week 2 — Outreach

BID Representative Brenda Laurel + Group Neighborhood Exploration CHECK OUT: Transmedia Story Telling Group Video

Week 2 — Play Phones


Week 1 — New Tools

Week 1 — Role Playing

Below: Photos of the group conversations and processes that lead up to the role playing.